We made it!
We are now officially TÜV-certified site managers


TÜV Zertifikat

We were further trained and certified by the TÜV Rheinland Akademie. We have successfully and purposefully pursued the further training seminars.

Why did we get certified as a construction manager?
Well, for one thing, certification by TÜV gives you a promise of quality and effectiveness. For another, we are already on the road as site managers for your projects throughout the year. The demands on us in this position are very complex and individual. By participating in the certification, our knowledge has been refreshed and we are up to date. The positive effect for you is the immediate implementation of what you have learned in your projects.

The seminar contents covered the following topics:

  • Construction, architects' and engineers' law: including the liability of the construction manager, contracts and supplements in accordance with VOB/B-B and BGB, rights and obligations in the event of defect rectification, contractual penalties, damages and liability, securities in construction.
  • Work safety and quality management: e.g. occupational health and safety on construction sites, recognition and assessment of hazards, accident prevention, test planning and monitoring of construction work, cooperation between internal and external actors.
  • Calculation, construction management and coordination of construction processes: including responsibilities on the construction site, preparations, commissioning and taking over a construction site, supplementary management, calculation, documentation
  • Recognizing and assessing planning and execution defects: including defects, general complaints and irregularities, measuring instruments and methods, defective execution, acceptance in accordance with the German Civil Code (BGB), the German Construction Contract Procedures (VOB), HAOI
  • Motivating leadership and secure negotiation: including competent management of complex requirements, dealing with employees, successful business and negotiation management.

Our goal was to successfully complete this training and present you with our certificates. And voilà...here they are:

Certificate Sven Baumert + Certificate Thomas Überschär

Of course, we will supervise and complete your projects with the efficiency and attention to detail that you already know or will come to know from us.

If you have any questions or suggestions or would like to get to know us, you can click HERE .

TÜV Zertifikat
TÜV Zertifikat

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