Grüne Erde Nuremberg


Ladenbau & Ladeninnenausbau

We comprehensively modernised the store in Nuremberg for our client Grüne Erde in 2016. We implemented Grüne Erde's vision on site in the trades of dry construction, flooring work, painting and electrical installations. At the start of construction, old floor coverings had to be removed and old shop fittings dismantled on site. We then laid new parquet flooring, erected drywall on site and installed a chic drywall ceiling. Finally, all walls, ceilings and columns were repainted with Caperol paint. The electrical system was also completed on site as required, and new telephone, network and room sockets were installed. 

Grüne Erde GmbH is an Austrian company based in Scharnstein im Almtal in Upper Austria, which specializes in the production of and trade in ecological, sustainable and socially fair products. The company currently operates three production sites in Austria and 14 shops in Austria and Germany.

The product range of Grüne Erde comprises about 5,300 products and is divided into the areas of living and sleeping (furniture, mattresses, sleeping and home textiles), ecological fashion and natural cosmetics.