A brilliant idea. Present your brand with modular room architecture


Pixlip Ladenbau

Spacing rules and hygiene concepts must also be implemented in your business premises and thus often represent a major challenge in interior design. 
In what is often a financially strained situation anyway, most entrepreneurs shy away from larger investments. Nevertheless, you want to offer your employees adequate health protection and all team colleagues should feel comfortable. With mobile LED light frames PIXLIP GO by the manufacturer Pixlip, Baumert offers a modern, modular and cost-efficient solution for the redesign of your business premises. The light frames consist of a high-quality, durable ABS plastic frame and are covered with a printable textile surface. 

The light material made of ABS plastic is not only very easy to handle, but above all it is also very low-injury.

The prints can be individually designed and thus offer a unique advertising space. Company values, advertising messages, slogans or impressive image pictures can be presented in large format in brilliant print quality. With PIXLIP GO, no one is overlooked. The integrated highly efficient PIXLIP LED modules guarantee homogeneous illumination of the textiles and thus generate maximum attention. Thus, on the one hand, workspaces can be illuminated indirectly and brightly, which counteracts employee fatigue, and on the other hand, advertising messages can be placed conspicuously.

Thanks to its lightweight plastic construction, PIXLIP GO is not only easy to set up but also extremely easy to transport. Individual adaptations to your existing commercial space are child's play to implement and distance rules can be observed. 

Because especially in the area of hygiene, you can positively distinguish yourself from your competitors through conception, design, layout and user-friendliness. Consciously forego improvised solutions and show your professional side here as well. Baumert offers you comprehensive services for the conversion and redesign of your business premises.

full attention thanks to light
modular construction principle
individual design
100% reusable